“In the past two months, I have learned and been given confidence by Miriam in so many ways. She is exceptionally empathetic and has proven herself to be an intuitive listener. She is understanding and and easily got to know much about me and my needs. I look forward to continue working with Miriam for support in dealing with my chronic medical condition as well her nutritional expertise. – F.P, USA

“I made Aliyah earlier this year and quickly realized the difficulties of leaving behind my family and culture. Miriam was able to advise me on a personal level and give me coping strategies. She was a wonderful listener and a fantastic source of support. I am truly grateful for her help!” – H.L, Israel

“Thanks so much for the skills you have.  You are kind, respectful, and always frame a helpful new way to look at things. It’s the first time in a week that I can stay in the moment and accept things as they are. I can’t deal with the possibilities and expect to recover from this bump my emotional road.  But I will try to deal with how I am today until I have more information. The hardest thing is to have an incurable illness that is completely unpredictable  and no two cases are the same.”  F.E, USA

“I’m a busy mother who has been struggling with being overweight for many years. I have tried almost all diets and spent a fortune doing so too. A friend of mine recommended Miriam and already after a few sessions, I realised that my problem is not simply discipline but also psychological. The sessions are and were beyond impressive and Miriam really helped me face my challenges. I always feel/felt that Miriam understood me, my strengths and weaknesses and the sensitivity she displayed was beyond me. I haven’t reached my goal yet, but its only a matter of time. Thank you Miriam! Thank you for the support and courage you’ve given me!” R.F, Austria

I feel I can trust you inherently, especially in terms of confidentiality and your ability to teach me new skills. It sounds like you have a lot of experience with a variety of clients. You also come highly recommended (from some women in a Facebook group I’m in!). I liked how you validated me every so often saying things like I’m courageous for calling you, and that must be hard what I went through.” E.L, USA

“My mother found out about Mrs Stein and CBT, and thought immediately of me and my struggles with addiction and habit. Sessions with Mrs Stein are a time for me to talk to someone who truly cares, listens and understands. Slowly, we are discovering the mechanisms of my wiring so that we can change it for the positive. I am so grateful to Mrs Stein for all that she has taught me and for all that she will teach me, for influencing me to push harder and for motivating me to work towards my goals. Thank you Mrs Stein!” C, Australia

“Miriam really helped me through a hard time, she’s a fantastic listener and extremely empathetic, I would strongly recommend her to anyone and everyone!” – Z.S, Israel

“Miriam was an unbelievable source of support through a very difficult time. I turned to Miriam after the passing of my father. She showed compassion and patience and reminded me that she was always there for me.” – J.S, Australia

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