About Me

Miriam SteinConsultations can be held via Phone, Skype or Face-to-Face!

I’m a certified CBT Coach & Counselor who utilizes different therapeutic techniques in a way to best suit my client’s needs.

My life has been an interesting journey, where I have experienced many of the challenges that clients come to see me about. This gives me the unique ability to not only empathize but also sympathize with my clients.

Nowadays, I’m a proud wife and mother of three gorgeous children whose passion and goal is to provide tailor-made solutions for each woman no matter what she may be experiencing.

Each client is a unique individual, with her own personal story and mission. As a woman, I know we are constantly juggling, and struggle to find that balance between our needs and those of the people around us.

I believe that it is essential to nurture the different parts of ourselves, and realize how strongly connected our minds and bodies are.

Whether we feel spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally distressed there is a way forward to once again feel strong, confident and emotionally stable.

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